Building a new kind of Decentralized Apps

Kanaxis provides a decentralized platform, harnessing Ethereum and other blockchain technologies such as Hyperledger, Stellar and Multi-chain. Our custom solutions are thoughtfully designed by scrutinizing the potentiality of Blockchain and RPA technologies to accredit theclients and help them improve their cost and operational efficiency.

Our Services


Our team of expert developers have created and deployed blockchain applications, providing customized infrastructure and platform to support and accelerate client’s business across diverse industrial sectors .


Kanaxis specializes in providing well-founded advice to help transform and unleash client’s business potential using blockchain technology. Blockchain is the new technology with vast potential to revolutionize industries, delivering reliable solutions and operational efficiency.

RPA Consulting and Development

Kanaxis helps companies to stay on par with future developments and technology breakthroughs by helping them in automating their business and operational processes with bots using Robotic Process Automation tools.

Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain is the new cutting-edge technology which certainly has immense potential to transform our entire economy. At Kanaxis, we are so much passionate about this disruptive technology and so are you. With us, you can experience every bit of blockchain and crypto world revolution. Also,

  • Identify areas in the existing system that can be migrated onto blockchain platform.
  • Dive deep and learn blockchain architecture.
  • Understand and implement nice blockchain products & services.
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Blockchain Development

Our Blockchain Development Services Include

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Digital Currencies

Kanaxis provides a full-fledged cryptos development and management services that includes:

  • Native cryptocurrency creation
  • Custom digital wallet development
  • Fully customizable crypto trading / exchange platform.
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App Stacks

App Stacks are “non-currency” blockchain-based platforms used for the development and execution of complete applications on top of decentralised networks. These includes smart contracts, decentralised applications (Dapps) and Distributed Autonomous Organisations (DAOs).

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Asset mapping and storage solutions

Asset mapping and storage solutions refer to all those applications that link cryptos to records or information on top of the blockchain. Asset storage apps refer to a dual ledger system: literally meaning that a ledger is embedded within the other and parsed independently. It benefits the users from an open, shared and immutable ledger system which can be mapped with real assets or records, on top of a cryptocurrency.

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Asset focussed solutions

Asset-focussed solutions are more focussed for finite closed groups of participants who want to deploy on a common blockchain. These type of asset-focussed solutions focus on the exchange of digital tokens representing physical / digital assets in combination with a shared ledger, but not on a public ledger.

In general, participants have a mutual relationship before forming a consortium. Therefore, trust is organised directly “off-chain” between participants. Since the participants (nodes) are not anonymous but rather cryptographically identifiable, the consensus among anonymous in a distributed network is not the goal of asset focussed solutions.